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Don’t pay a Digital Marketing Agency if you make below 1 Cr+/year

By Niranjan
| March 13, 2024
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(Grab your Free ‟Ad Win Rate” Calculator)

Most shops or services don’t need a fancy digital marketing agency. Some do, but many don’t. Many business owners want what these social media marketing agencies, Local SEO agencies, and creative branding agencies etc are selling… It’s an echo chamber of “Every business needs a digital marketing agency”.

Here’s the twist – you don’t need one. You don’t buy a fancy sports car when all you need is a quick reliable way to get around the town.

For local businesses in India. Many of your customers know you, and you know them. Spending big bucks on a digital marketing agency? That might just be money down the drain.

  • For e.g. a Kanchipuram Silk Saree Ecomm store can independently run ads with NO funnels, marketing strategy, branding or celebrity endorsement. Just selling sarees with a ₹10k ad budget.

Grab our free excel “Ad Win Rate” tool, you’ll see how saree E-com stores making 6x ROAS. Where 1 Rupee gives ₹6 back. An easy 600% ad spend return. 

Calculate your “Ad Win Rate” for free here

And run ads that simply look like you’ve taken a pic at home.

“But how do I stand against 10-30 competitors online? My revenue isn’t even near 1Cr+/yr…”

What if you could predict your campaign insights for free?

We’ve made a Free Excel Tool that predicts your “Ad Win Rate”.

  • Stop adjusting your ad spend daily. Accurately tweak your Front End product prices & Back End funnels to make a profitable evergreen funnel. (*Added our own industry-standard refund rates & conversion rates from our past clients’ case studies)
  • Shows the ₹ ROAS from all your ads throughout the Direct, Front End & Back End funnels with no subscription software.
  • In a few clicks, see guaranteed ad spend returns without second-guessing and justify your 8-figure marketing budgets using this calculator.
  • Once private to our ₹10-20 crore clients, now public. Use the calculator if you fear spending too much on PPC ads, FB ads, YT ads, Google Map ads, and predict your ad profits within a few clicks.

So, think about what your business really needs. Is it an agency, a freelancer, or just a new excel tool ready to show your marketing campaign costs & returns? Whatever it is, make the choice that feels right for your business. 

But let’s say your business handles big sums of ₹

Over ₹10+ crores, that’s when you step up your game, and your threshold to make profit slopes down. 

Then a digital marketing agency becomes more of a need than a want. 

In order to save ₹5 lac–₹10 lac from paying digital marketing agencies “monitoring ad campaigns” as their bonus feature. Run, as it’s just eyeballing your ad campaign to report useless insights into a PDF.

For a businesses selling high-ticket items, a digital marketing agency is just a nice-to-have. 

But if you’re ready to dominate your competition and hold a huge market share: 

  • Then equip strategies beyond paying & managing ad campaigns. 

WebQ Media helps businesses making above 10 Cr+ /year in a 20 min free call with us to discuss these reach-building strategies to hit your business FY’ goals.

Look at some of our client’s recent results. We’ve perfected our offer creations and funnel layouts that could gradually escalate your business revenue up by 2025.

Book a call, vibe with us, and celebrate monthly business wins.

Edit: We’re taking in 2 more clients in April. Check to see if your slot’s available now.

To your long run success,

WebQ Media

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