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Scale your Indian Online IELTS Exam Coaching Centre to over 1k+ Students Monthly

By Niranjan
| March 22, 2024

In this article

(Steal our Free 5+ Tested Ads & Funnel templates)

If you’re an educational tutor struggling to boost your student enrollment, this guide is a must-read…

See how WebQ Media helped IELTS coaches gain consistent 1,000+ monthly admission leads with minimal capital investment and without dancing around all social platforms.

In this guide you’ll:

  • Stop comparing other competitive exam centre’s fees. And be the Tutor demanding higher fees as the “Category of One” using our 7 ready-to-use $100 Million offers for exam-prep businesses.
  • Power of Lead Magnets: 8 types of Free Resources students search during the exam: Practice materials, scores, AMA/Q&A sessions, tests, and challenges. Free classes, affiliates and quizzes… +more
  • ‘Target’ specific keywords –most educational coaches ignore– to run cheap ads. Extracted from the 18-24 yr old high school juniors’ search history.
  • Plus, we’re giving away our Proven Ads and Funnel templates for Free. (Grab them here)

Scale your coaching centre; without a perfect business plan, or hiring expensive tutors, or chasing for certifications.

Goal here is to achieve more with less.

We know how saturated and challenging the education coaching sector is.

WebQ Media focuses on direct-response marketing on students who’s desperately searching for a tutor, ensuring you get the best relentless learner for your exam coaching centre.

By Implementing 1–2 marketing funnels & ad copy templates we’re giving away for free may help your coaching centre scale over 1k+ students per month.

In the next section, we’ll dive into why you shouldn’t call multiple exam centres to figure out your fees and marketing, and how to become a “category of one” in the market.

Don’t call your nearby Exam Prep Centres to Figure Out your Fees

Picking a ballpark number lower than everybody else’s price tag — is NOT “Competitive Pricing”

A lack of Differentiation is why many coaching centres still copy-paste their neighbour’s fees.

Which puts you in a crowded market, where your students have to look over 100+ nearby alternative centres selling the same package.

You’re always replaced by the student’s cheapest & nearest option.

Which puts you on a hamster wheel of minimal profit margins, leading to a poor brand reputation of your centre. Your coaching centre has unique strengths and weaknesses.

What works for you may not be the best for others…

Don’t let your students miss on high-quality exam coaching to some cheap tutor nearby. And bring in students 10-20 km away by perfecting this one aspect in your coaching centre.

In this section, you’ll see the strategy behind racking in 1,043+ students monthly for our IELTS coaching clients.

“Tutor x Target x Traffic” Strategy.

In the competitive red sea of exam-prep coaching centres, standing out isn’t a mere advantage – but a necessity.

The “Tutor x Target x Traffic” strategy, a model inspired by successful coaching programs like the British Council, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Cambridge English etc.

A proven blueprint to easily standout no matter which subject or exam you’re preparing students for. Without needing a business plan, hiring certified *expensive* tutors, or chasing national certifications.

It requires these 3 crucial elements: Tutor, Target & Traffic. Each brings its own value, and when synchronised together, creates a coaching business that students just can’t ignore.


Build a winning but generous Exam Coaching Centre Offer using the proven frameworks from “$100M offers” bestseller. Be the tutor that demands its own fees as being the “category of one”. (Read further down)

7 ready-to-use $100 Million offers for exam-prep businesses:


(Set price X per hour or session)

#1 Personalised 1:1 Tutoring Package

Customised one-on-one tutoring sessionns.

Pricing: Starting at X/hour.

Guarantee: Improved test scores within 2 months or get an additional 10 hours free.

#2 Group Coaching Sessions

Interactive group classes with a focus on collaborative learning.

Pricing: X/hour per student (groups of 5-10).

Guarantee: Mock Test 97+ score guarantee or a free workshop.

#3 Course Coaching centre (Yearly)

A complete course package covering all exam topics.

Pricing: Fixed X yearly fee course.

Guarantee: Next Year Batch Admission for free till you pass the exam.

#4 Intensive Exam Bootcamp

A short-term, high-intensity prep course.

Pricing: Price X, 2-week bootcamp.

Guarantee: Score improvement or receive a 50% refund.

#5 Online Self-Paced Coaching Centre

Flexible online learning modules accessible anytime.

Pricing X for 6-month access.

Guarantee: Satisfaction guarantee or money back within 30 days.

#6 Mock Exam and Analysis Sessions

Practice exams followed by detailed analysis sessions.

Pricing: X per mock exam session.

Guarantee: the next session’s free if you failed the mock test or the price discounted to half.

#7 Ongoing Subject Teaching Programs

Long-term mentorship for continuous academic improvement.

Pricing: X/month.

Guarantee: Noticeable academic improvement in 6 months or two months free.

Price an offer appealing to your students & parents but also refills your marketing budget.

From the 7 pricing strategies above, you can accurately predict your fees …By analysing in-depth production costs, market competition, target audience, and estimated profit margins.

If you need expert eyes to scale your exam coaching centre, then book a calendy Free 30 min strategy audit with us.

Access our pricing strategies and EMIs striking a perfect balance between your profits & student acquisition.

Value-based pricing helps exam coaching centres gain student’s attention. (& competition nearby!)

Managing fees effectively promotes growth and stability while minimising marketing expenses – Creating a sustainable business model.

Now just alert the students of your offer.

Traffic: The Power of Lead Magnets

Offering 8 types of Free Resources which students actively hunt for during exam:

#1 Free Q-papers & answers are one of the best lead magnets students always search online. With boiling exam pressure, students want MORE revision questions.A small squeeze page blurring the answer section will prompt students to enter their contact info, so that our behavioural emails sequence could do its magic.

Compatible platforms: SEO > PPC > Display Ads#2 AMA/Q&A Sessions with faculty, which also builds communities.

#2 Repurpose:

Record the session and use it as a resource on your website or post it on socials. This can continue to attract new leads long after the live event.Students love fast. They’ll skip 1 hr 35 min live for the session summary, key questions & answers discussed, and additional resources – which you can grant free access exchanging contact info.

Compatible platforms: Youtube > Facebook

#3 Free Mock Test Scores:

Student lead capture method.Attract students with exam-pattern updated mock exams.

Provide detailed scores on these tests, helping students identify areas for improvement.💡

Highlight top scoring students’ progress made at your centre. Displaying genuine outcomes builds trust. Then simply put a sign-up form for test score access.Then an active follow-up email sequence will ensure your leads convert to monthly admissions at your coaching centre.

Compatible Platforms: SEO, Edu-Blogs, Exam-prep websites, Quizlet, Khan Academy, Instagram, Twitter. Engage your audience where they frequent and interact.

#4 Embrace a 30-Day Exam “Rank-High” BootCamp:

Invite students for a free, intense 30-day bootcamp. These sessions will focus on developing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities through engaging assessments. Share inspiring tales of past participants who witnessed remarkable score leaps.

Engage Daily: Reach out through emails or a dedicated app, maintaining a connection and motivation each day.

Suggested Platforms: Email, Educational Forums, Instagram, Facebook.

#5 Share Sample Classes:

Offer glimpses of your teaching through free sample lessons. Focus on subjects or exam strategies. Let students experience your teaching style, fostering trust and sparking interest for more.

Record these sessions for use as lasting content on your website or social platforms.

Useful Platforms: Webinars, YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram TV.

#6 Affiliate Newsletters:

Affiliated email newsletters are often the most overlooked market worth $21.2B (like the Hustle, Morningbrew, Vox)

Not many IELTS, GMAT exam coaches know how to promote their coaching in “College Newsletter”.

Every college has its own newsletter. And colleges want outside fests or training to promote to their students for a small affiliate deal.

A major share of your students are in colleges. Don’t leave free leads at the table.

Effective Platforms: College websites, Exam prep newsletters.

#7 Quiz for Insightful Scores: Engage students with quizzes. Make them specific or broad, covering exam topics. Offer instant feedback on performance. Add timers, lifelines, and scoreboards for engaging quizzes.

Good Platforms: Social media, SEO, educational apps.

#8 Free study guides, video tutorials, low cost or free webinars.

Talk to your current students on how a day in their study time looks like, what do they browse online during exams?

In fact, a “2024 IELTS exam pattern” is a term most exam-stressed students search online. And they’re willing to share contact details for your exam pattern prediction.

Recommended: PPC ads, SEO, Social media ads

Down the line, use email marketing, retargeting ads, sms, social media outreach strategies to generate traffic to your online coaching website using the 8 freebie lead magnets to attract students online.

Because of the goodwill built between the students through your free material… will put less friction joining your exam coaching centre.

Target: The Ideal Student

The key to effective marketing is precision targeting. By identifying the ‘Target’ specific keywords –most educational coaches ignore– to run cheap ads.

Extracted from the 18-24 yr old high school juniors’ search history:

Long-Tail Keywords for Exam Coaching Centres:

best online [location] [exam] coaching for [students/occupation]
[exam name] preparation tips for [students/occupation]
top [exam name] coaching classes near [location]
crack the [exam name] online
free [exam name] mock tests with answers
pass the [exam name] without books, coaching
scholarships for [exam name] coaching
[exam name] coaching EMI options

And we used these 5 free tools that generates SEO or PPC long-tail keyword:

A common slip is to just look at “Traffic”, thinking high student inquiry will mean success. But without the right “Tutor” for quality teaching “Traffic” alone can bring leads that will spread bad word about your centre— resulting in a dry student pipeline within days launching a centre.

As a thank you for reading this blog.

We’re sharing our:

Here’s the recap

As a tutor & business owner, it’s possible to do this yourself implementing our “Tutor x Traffic x Target” strategy, Free funnels & ad templates and then learn along the way.

Or you can book a call with us and generate guaranteed results… Where you’ll avoid the ₹5 lac–₹10 lac ad spend mistakes most educational entrepreneurs make.

Exactly what we’ve done for multiple IELTS Coaching centres (Case study)

Strength of a “Tutor” increases only by getting better at teaching. And your time’s not worth playing with competitive fees, offer creation, traffic and marketing spend.

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